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******** REGISTER/ ENROLL ********

Please click on deposit button paid by a CREDIT CARD to RESERVE for an available Behind-the-Wheel Lesson:

NOTE:  MAKE A PAYMENT BY EITHER CREDIT CARD (Visa, MasterCard, Discovery, American Express) OR a PERSONAL CHECK:

1-CREDIT CARD: to RESERVE for available classes in advance.

2-PERSONAL CHECK: can be paid on a training date; however, no available class is guaranteed if not reserved in advance.    

************** POLICIES ***************


  • To make a reservation, a required deposit for the package of Teen/Adult/ Driving Practice should be made, accordingly.
  • Acceptable cancellation by email, phone call.
  • A cancelled lesson later than 24hrs (except doctor's proof) since submitted payment: NO deposit refunded
  • A returned/ cancelled a personal check: charge $50
  • Training Fee is subject to increasing due to increased-gas price.
  • Student driver has 24 hours to cancel a signed agreement/ contract. The cancellation of the signed agreement/ contract after 24 hours or after starting trained a 1st lesson is NOT accepted; the student driver should either continue the training schedule or pay $50 per hour for what he/ she has  already been trained or learnt.
  • Student driver can call to cancel two (2) hours prior to the training lesson.  If the cancellation of the training lesson after two (2) hours or when the driving instructor is on the way, $50 will be charged to the student driver’s financial account.
  • Due to an Act of God such as servere storm, fire, earthquake, flooding, mandatory evacuation, natural disaster, and human error such as sickness, broken-down vehicle/ safety issue, car accident, congested traffic, urgency, emergency, a training lesson can be canceled at anytime without an advanced notice and applied NO charge.
  • Administration Fee: Time for Scheduling/ Re-scheduling/ Cancelling a Training and/or Testing date and time/ Registration Fee including offic’s stationery, miscellaneousness.


  • Training surrounding DMV location or training on DMV-test routes is prohibited/ restricted by DMV.
  • In order to take a DMV drive-test, a teenage driver under 18 needs a six (6)-hour certificate trained by a driving instructor and behind-the-wheels for 50 hours (including 10 hours at night time) in six (6) months trained by a driving instructor/ parent/guardian/ anyone 25 years old or older who possesses California driver license.
  • Driving school or driving instructor helps student drivers making a drive-test appointment as earliest as possible by calling directly DMV’s telephone technician or by accessing to drive-test calendar from DMV’s website. The driving school or driving instructor has NO control over the DMV’s drive-test calendar. Student drivers do not expect or demand  his/ her appointment earlier than the DMV’s drive-test availability.


  • Driving School’s safety policy: a driving instructor should not train two (2) student drivers on the training vehicle per lesson; training one student driver at the time. During training, NO relatives/ siblings/ husband/ wife/ parent/guardian/ friend of the student driver is allowed on the training vehicle. 
  • For SAFETY purpose during training, student should NOT play music, wear a Headphone / Earplugs (on both ears), do TEXT or CHAT, make any CAll without having instructor's consent. After warning, If student keeps doing and does NOT comply with school's policy on the 2nd attempt or more, instructor will terminate/ cancel a signed agreement, report to school to charge "hourly training" for any hour student has been trained. 
  • Acceptionally, the driving instructor is allowed to pick up the 2nd student driver within 15 minutes or within 12 miles before / after ending of the training session of the 1st student driver as long as the driving instructor has the student drivers’ consents.
  • Driving School's safety policy: a driving instructor should pick up a student driver for training and/ or drive-test, and then the driving instructor should drop off the student driver to the same pick-up location. The licensed Instructor’s training vehicle is NOT USED as a Taxi/ Cab/ Uber/ any Public Transportation; $50/hour additional fee.
  • Driving School's safety policy: a driving instructor should have a parent's written-consent letter or text message in case of pickup / dropoff the teenage driver (under 18 years old) from / to any place other than his/ her home. 
  • Driving School's safety policy: a driving instructor is reserved a right to refuse/ deny training a student driver who has NO DMV-issued instruction permit, who needs practicing but has NO driver-license, who intimidates/ threatens the instructor, who discriminates/ acts as a racist, who possesses any sharp object/ weapon/ illegal drugs/ alcohol consumption, and who disagrees to sign a training agreement or contract.
  • Driving School’s safety policy: student driver is recommended to take a short break the total of 15 minutes for two (2)-hour training lessons/ the total of 10 minutes for one and a half (1.5)-hour training lesson/ the total of 5 minutes for one (1)-hour training lesson.
  • The student driver should bring a bottle of water or any beverage of his/ her choice; no alcohol / no drug/ no influence substance and no smoking allowed.
  • Driving School’s limitation: driver-training and/or drive-tests are well prepared and well focused only at DMVs within 15 miles: Santa Clara, Santa Teresa, San Jose, Fremont, and Los Gatos. A Driving instructor is expert in training student driver for these mentioned DMVs. Student drivers do not expect/ obligate the driving instructor to train and take him/ her to any remote DMV located TOO far away for the driver-training and/ or the drive-test.