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** Please DO NOT Sign-up for this course until further notice

**Sorry for the inconvenience!



 $9.00 Reg. $35.00 (Online Driver Education) specially discounted for student driver who pre-signs up for $360.00 ( 6-hour Behind-the-Wheel Training). $360.00/ 6hrs behind-the-wheel training is only applied to cities: San Jose, Santa Clara, Milpitas, Santa Teresa and within 10 miles centered from Downtown San Jose.

Please access an above link, click on"Register" to fill out an online form for school record, pay by credit card and start taking the course instantly. As soon as a student passes a final test at the end of the  course, D.N.V. Distinguished Driving School will issue a Certificate of Completion (DL-400C) make it ready for student to take a written test at any DMV. 

For convenience of the online course:

  • Student can take the course ONLINE at ANYWHERE, NO CLASSROOM needed.

  • Student can take break and come back to continue taking  the course by accessing the link again and click on "Candidate Login" (returning student).

STEPS to Acquire a California Driver License for TEENAGER (Age of 15-1/2 to 17-1/2):  

  1. Student driver needs to finish a 30-hour online driver-education course, D.N.V. Distinguished Driving School will issue a 30-hour CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION (DL-400C).
  2. Student driver takes the issued Certificate (DL-400C) to any DMV in California to apply for a written test. 
  3. After the student driver passes the written test, DMV will issue an INSTRUCTION PERMIT.
  4. Student driver calls D.N.V. Distinguished Driving School 408-393-6872 or click on Contact Us for scheduling six (6)-hour Behind-the-Wheel lessons
  5. As soon as student driver finishes his/ her six (6)-hour behind-the-wheel training, D.N.V. Distinguished Driving School will issue a 6-hour CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION (DL-400D).
  6. Right after receiving DL-400D and getting trained behind-the-wheels (actual driving) by a licensed driving instructor OR parents for 50 hours (including 10 hours at night time) in six (6) months since the issued date on the instruction permit, student driver calls D.N.V. Distinguished Driving School 408-393-6872 or click on Contact Us  who helps make a drive-test appointment as earlier as possible at any DMV in California, and then acquires a driver license if passed a driving test. DMV allows student drivers to have 3-driving test attempts.